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About franklin

Hosting, Classes, Retreats, Workshops ,Speaking @Conferences, Collaborating with Social-Media Personnel and working with for profit and 501c3s | you can find Franklin around the globe co-hosting wellbeing and yoga retreats, leading workshops , participating on panels at social events , professionally speaking at conferences, collaborating with various charity and social media personnel around the world.


Yoga Sessions | Fit programs | food forums | Meditation | Relaxation | Emotional Intelligence | Podcasts - Interviews | Lifestyle Merch - Brands | Access - Event Invites | F.I.T. CLUB MEMBERS | Enjoy Guided Meditations Event & Nightlife Invites Fun Recipes - Eat Well Yoga - Meditation Fitness Work Out Plans Promos - Passes - Perks - Deals WORK-WELL: WORKPLACE | WORKSHOPS | CONFERENCES SEMINARS SPECIAL EVENTS | LUNCH & LEARNS |

Hire Franklin to work well today

Workplace Workshops | Organizations Workplaces Assessment Arsenal:

*Providing micro-small & medium sized business owners, private organizations, 501(C)3's & organizations with intelligence and resources.

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