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WORK-WELL: WORKPLACE | WORKSHOPS | CONFERENCES SEMINARS SPECIAL EVENTS | LUNCH & LEARNS | Work-Well- Hire Franklin to work well today Workplace Workshops | Organizations Workplaces Assessment Arsenal:

*Providing micro-small & medium sized business owners, private organizations, 501(C)3's & organizations with intelligence and resources.

*Training C-Level Executives, Management & HR to assist in obtaining corporate goals to champion the marketplace.

*Direct experience with: emotional intelligence EQ leadership coaching ,corporate governance and EPIC management training programs.

Owner, Excell Benefit Group: Rich Fahn

"Franklin is fantastic. His High energy and knowledge of "Wellness" is contagious. He is a great resource and brings high level of service, value which in turn lead to great results!!!"


previous clients:

  • ~HomeScout Realty, 640 N. LaSalle, Suite 650 Chicago, IL 60654, Joel Holland

  • ~Rich Fahn Owner LLC Excell Benefit Group LLC 900 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 116

  • ~Planned Property Mgmt Group, 1133 Dearborn, Chicago Ill, 60610 Dan Malator

  • ~CBRE Management Group, 980 North Michigan Ill, 60611 Colleen Clark

  • ~ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc.1051 Perimeter Dr., Suite 200 Schaumburg, IL 60173

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